More Volcano Nozzles

We are now carrying a wider range of nozzles for the E3D Volcano, including hardened steel, plated copper, and Nozzle X!

We’ve been carrying brass nozzles to suit E3D’s volcano range for about a year now. We get a lot of requests for other nozzle types – so as of today, we’re now carrying a much wider range of E3D Volcano nozzles.

Hardened Steel

Hardened Steel nozzles resist wear and tear – making them perfect for printing abrasive materials like Carbon-Fibre infused filaments.

You can find these nozzles in our shop, here.

Plated Copper

Plated Copper is one of our favourite new nozzle materials. It’s great for high-temperature work, and the special coating makes it resistant to sticking filament. This makes it easier to keep your printer neat and tidy – perfect!

You can find Plated Copper Volcano nozzles here.

Nozzle X

Nozzle X is E3D’s “one nozzle to rule them all”. It’s high-temperature, abrasion-resistant – basically perfect for any material. If you’re looking for the most all-purpose nozzle, Nozzle X is it!

Nozzle X is available in our shop here.

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