Official E3D Distributor!

Aus3D is now one of the first official Australian distributors for E3D products!

Hey there everyone,

We’ve spent a long time searching for the perfect hotend to carry – there are so many different options out there, it can get confusing pretty fast. What’s worse is that there are plenty of generic knock-offs that don’t perform as advertised. We want to offer a premium product, and after trying everything we could get our hands on, we were blown away by the quality – both print and construction – of E3D’s V6 hotend.

We’ve been in talks with E3D, and are now one of the first Australian distributors to be E3D Genuine certified!

For now, we’re carrying the E3D-V6 hotend and related accessories – but we expect to branch out into E3D’s other exciting offerings pretty soon (Kraken, anyone?).

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