E3D-Lite6 Launch!

Exciting news – today is the official launch of E3D’s latest hotend – the E3D-Lite6!

The Lite6 is designed as a more cost-effective counterpart to the E3D-V6. The Lite6 is an excellent entry-level hotend for those who are trying to stick to a budget, but still want the best bang-for-buck. Built to the same high quality standards as E3D’s other hotends, the Lite6 is a solidly-built hotend at a very tempting price-point.

Check out the product page for all the details!

Official E3D Distributor!

Hey there everyone,

We’ve spent a long time searching for the perfect hotend to carry – there are so many different options out there, it can get confusing pretty fast. What’s worse is that there are plenty of generic knock-offs that don’t perform as advertised. We want to offer a premium product, and after trying everything we could get our hands on, we were blown away by the quality – both print and construction – of E3D’s V6 hotend.

We’ve been in talks with E3D, and are now one of the first Australian distributors to be E3D Genuine certified!

For now we’re carrying the E3D-V6 hotend and related accessories – but we expect to branch out into E3D’s other exciting offerings pretty soon (Kraken, anyone?).

Partnership with Adafruit

You may have noticed that we’ve been getting in more and more Adafruit products over the past few weeks. We’d like to take this opportunity to announce that we are now officially an Australian distributor for Adafruit products.

You might be asking – “you’re a 3D printer shop – why sell general electronics products?” – and that’s a fair question. We feel Adafruit are a key exemplar of the “maker” mentality, and that their products represent this. Basically, we feel that a lot of their stuff goes hand-in-hand with 3D printing, and we want to make those products easily available within Australia.

A good example are the different WS2812 RGB LED products Adafruit produce – or “Neopixels”. These LEDs are easy to setup and control, fun to work with – and easy to embed in anything you can print. They sparkle, shimmer, fade, pulse – whatever you want, in any colour you want. And besides – everything’s better with LEDs! Here’s an awesome example:

Neopixel-Based 3D Printed Arc Reactor
3D Printed Arc Reactor using Adafruit Neopixels. Source Files on Thingiverse.

​If you have a suggestion for an Adafruit product you think we should stock – let us know! Printed something cool that uses an Adafruit product? Post a comment, we’d love to see it!


The Aus3D Blog is Live!

Hey there everyone – how’s it going? We figured it was about time we got a proper news/blog system set up – so here we are. We plan to use the Aus3D blog for a number of things – announcing site news, talking about new products – maybe even a bit of how-to stuff.

We hope you’ll stay tuned – and in the meantime, thanks for being part of our community!