Updated Shipping Options

We’ve update our shipping options to be more flexible and transparent.

Firstly, we’ve transitioned to a system integrated with Australia Post’s API, so that we can accurately calculate the cost of shipping on a per-postcode basis. Previously, we were operating on a per-state basis domestically and a per-country basis internationally.

This means that we should now be seeing more granular shipping estimates across the board. This should translate into slightly lower shipping costs for most regions.

Secondly, we’ve expanded our international shipping options to offer better value and more tracked options.

Domestic Shipping (Australia)

For domestic orders, we will continue to offer three shipping tiers:

Express Post service. This is a next-day service to areas within Australia Post’s guaranteed express network, and is otherwise a pretty quick way of getting your order delivered.

This is a tracked shipping option with 1-2 day delivery.

Parcel Post service. Next day is not guaranteed, although we do often see local orders (within South Australia) delivered next-day. Otherwise, Parcel Post is usually a bit slower than Express Post – who’d have thought?

This is a tracked shipping option with 2-5 day delivery.

Mail Post, or ‘Small Items’ post. Through this method items are posted through the Australia Post mail network, so delivery times are typically what you’d expect for a standard letter. We usually see 1-2 day delivery times within SA, and 2-6 day delivery times interstate. Speed-wise this is comparable to Parcel Post, but in our experience mail post is more likely to experience occasional delays.

This is an untracked shipping option with 2-6 day delivery.

These are the same delivery options we have been offering so far, but with the new changes prices should be improved for most customers.

International Shipping

Initially, we offered Australia Post Air-Mail as our primary international shipping option, as it is the most affordable option apart from Sea-Mail (which takes significantly longer). Air-Mail is suitable for a wide range of packages at different weights and sizes, and so is the most widely applicable shipping option available to us.

Unfortunately, Australia Post Air-Mail is an untracked service, which is often not ideal when ordering items internationally. We’ve been using other tracked services for printers shipped internationally, on a country-by-country basis.

Recently, we have changed from offering Air-Mail to offering Australia Post’s Pack and Track service – an international shipping service which includes online tracking. We had replaced Air-Mail with this option, but as Pack and Track is more expensive we recognise this may not have been ideal for everyone.

However, with the new system in place we are now confidently able to offer both services side-by-side. Additionally, we are also offering Australia Post’s Express Post International service, for those who wish to receive their order faster.

Here’s a breakdown of the international shipping options we now have available:

Express Post International service. This is a tracked shipping option with 3-7 day delivery. Signature is required upon delivery.

Pack and Track International service. This is a tracked shipping option with 3-10 day delivery. Packages weighing over 2kg are not eligible for this service.

Air-Mail service. This is an untracked shipping option with 3-10 day delivery.

Updated Delivery Information Page

We’ve summarised the above information about the different shipping options on our Delivery Information page. This page should provide an easy way to quickly see the difference between the available shipping options.

We’re eager to work with other shipping carriers as we move forward, so that we can provide better value to all regions. We will continue to update the Delivery Information page as shipping options expand.





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  1. Is your shipping free within Australia (QLD), if not, can I please get a quote? I want to buy x2 e3dv6 heat blocks for 1.75mm filament and a heat break for the same e3dv6 hot end. Waiting for a reply b4 I buy. Thanks

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