E3D Revo Launch!

We have E3D Revo gear in stock and ready to go! Find them in the store here, or read on for a quick overview on these exciting new HotEnds from E3D.

E3D have a great rundown on Revo on their blog, here. If you’re after details, you should check it out! Here’s our quick overview on the new Revo products we’re stocking:

Revo Six

E3D’s Revo Six is a drop-in replacement for E3D’s venerable V6 hotend. It’s mechanically and electrically compatible with existing V6 installations, and is an easy way of upgrading into the E3D Revo ecosystem.

Check out Revo Six in the store!

Revo Micro

For new builds, especially when space or weight are at a premium, Revo Micro is the ideal choice! All the advantages of Revo Six but in a tiny footprint. Great for high-speed printing!

Check out Revo Micro in the store!

Revo Hemera

Revo Hemera takes E3D’s best-in-class Hemera AIO extruder/hotend and upgrades it into the Revo ecosystem. Compact and powerful, it’s the ideal direct-drive extruder.

Check out Revo Hemera in the store!

Revo Spares

We are also carrying a wide range of Revo spares, including nozzles, socks, and upgrade kits.

Take a look at the Revo spares available here.

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