E3D Titan Aero Launch

Last week E3D announced their exciting new extruder-hotend combo, the Titan Aero. We have them in stock and ready to go!

The Titan Aero takes the best parts of E3D’s V6 HotEnd and Titan extruder, and mashes them together into one compact piece of awesome kit!

The Titan Aero is now the easiest way to get started in the E3D extrusion ecosystem – one product gets you a compact extruder and HotEnd, with all the capabilities of a V6 and all the power of a Titan. Aero’s compact Z-height means taller build volumes, easier extrusion of flexibles and a cleaner, tighter filament path.

Here at Aus3D, we love E3D’s products – we use them on all our in-house printers, and they’ve proved to be some of our most popular products. We’re happy to announce that we’re now carrying the Titan Aero, and have it available in all of its configurable glory – whether it’s 12V or 24V, 1.75mm or 3.00mm, standard or mirrored config – we have you covered!

Best of all, the Titan Aero sets a new benchmark in value – get the same performance as a V6 and Titan for a lower overall price!

For those that already have a V6 + Titan and are looking to get in on the Aero-goodness without having to start from scratch, we’re also stocking Aero upgrade kits!

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