V-Slot Products

We’re excited to announce that we’re now carrying a whole range of V-Slot extrusion and related parts! This is a big product expansion that we’ve been working on for the past few months, and we’re really excited to finally have everything available on the website.

What is V-Slot?

V-Slot is a high-quality aluminium linear rail profile with an extremely smooth v-groove on all four sides. It’s precise, easy, and allows you unlimited design control through its modular nature.

V-Slot is compatible with a wide range of readily available off-the-shelf parts. We are carrying brackets, plates, nuts, bolts, wheels – basically, anything and everything you’d need to put together a printer!

With V-Slot, it’s easy to quickly build 3D printers, CNC machines – or anything else you feel like! 

This is a big product expansion, we’ve added nearly a hundred new stock items – but here are a few highlights:

V-Slot Linear Extrusion

V-Slot is your printer frame and linear axes, all in one!

Get ready to rock and roll!

Who are we kidding – with wheels this smooth, there’s no rocking.

Plates, brackets and mounts

Printed parts are good, but these metal plates make for sturdy builds.

Nuts and Bolts

Better than superglue! We’re carrying a range of fasteners suitable for printer builds.

We’re builders and tinkerers ourselves, and we couldn’t help but play with these new parts. We decided to see what we could come up with in a limited time with no planning – two hours later we had most of an i3-style 3D printer set up:

This mechanical gantry was built entirely from parts we sell through the website. Add on a RUMBA+ control board, E3D Titan and V6 (or maybe an Aero…) and you’d have one easy to build – and very capable – printer!

We plan to publish a few designs at some point using the new parts we’re carrying, but this just goes to show how easy it can be to put something together quickly with entirely off-the-shelf parts.

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